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6/2014 – Safety and Security Guidelines for the Storage and Transportation of Fertilizer Grade Ammonium Nitrate at Retail Facilities

6/3/2014 – Federal Oversight of Ammonium Nitrate Exceedingly Weak.

5/19/2014 – GAO Report on Actions Needed to Improve Federal Oversight of Facilities with Ammonium Nitrate

5/29/2014 – Athens, Texas Fire at Ammonium Nitrate Storage Facility

08/31/2013 – EPA, OSHA and ATF Provide Information and Lessons Learned About the Safe Storage, Handling and Management of Ammonium Nitrate

08/30/2013 – New guidelines on ammonium nitrate released in response to West disaster (Dallas News)

08/01/2013 – Executive Order — Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security

07/03/2013 – Cylinder Recall

05/14/2013 – Texas Chemical Preparedness Law

04/30/2013 – McLennan Co. Emergency Planning

12/16/2009 – Arizona High School Mercury Clean-up

11/25/2009 – Verizon Wireless Voluntarily Discloses Environmental Violations