SARA Title III/Tier II Online Reporting

SARA Title III was enacted by U.S. Congress in 1986 in response to an incident in India in which 2500 people were killed by a chemical release. The purpose behind SARA Title III/EPCRA has been to create a cooperative relationship among government, business, and the public involving all of them in the effort to prevent, to plan, to prepare for, and to manage chemical emergencies.

This law sets requirements for facilities that manufactured, processed, or stored certain hazardous or toxic chemicals, of certain threshold level, on-site to report annually to the state and local governments and to report any accidental releases on a timely basis. The information submitted by facilities provided the basis for community right-to-know and local emergency planning and preparedness.

Amendments to the Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory Forms

2019 Tier II Reporting Cycle Changes

For the Tier II reporting cycle that runs January 1 – March 1, 2020 (2019 data), facilities are asked to use the online Tier II Manager portal from the Fairfax Joint LEPC’s website. This online portal is accessible by emergency responders and emergency planning personnel, so it is critical that facilities use this portal to provide emergency personnel with updated information. Facilities that have not previously registered for a Tier II Manager user account should contact Trice Burgess, the Tier II Program Manager, at when you register so that any facilities already in the system can be associated with your new user account.

Existing users will see a new portal when you log on because we recently upgraded to a .NET platform. This means that everything is still there, but is in tabbed format. The new user guide is under the help menu. You still use your existing user ID and logon that you had in previous reporting cycles and your information previously entered was migrated over to the new platform. If you experience issues with the new platform, please contact or call 703-246-4386.

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department’s Fire Marshal’s Office assesses a fee for reviewing Tier II reports and reviewing/developing Emergency Response Plans for the SARA Title III Tier II reporting cycle beginning January 1, 2020 – March 1, 2020. This fee applies ONLY to facilities located in Fairfax County, Town of Herndon and Town of Vienna. The facilities located in the City of Fairfax are exempt from the fee. The fee structure is as follows:

Section 312 Facilities:

          A fee of $25 per chemical up to a maximum of $200 will be assessed to all facilities reporting qualifying Section 312 chemical inventories. See Chapter 62-2-8 of the Code of the County of Fairfax, table 107.2, item 141. Chapter 62

Section 302 Facilities:

A fee of $100 will be assessed to all facilities reporting Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) above the Threshold Planning Quantity (TPQ) for review and development of Emergency Response Plans. See Chapter 62-2-8 of the Code of the County of Fairfax, table 107.2, item 142. Chapter 62

After submission of your Tier II report through the Tier II Manager portal, staff of the Fairfax County Fire Marshal’s Office will send you an invoice for your facility’s submission through regular U.S. mail. Details regarding payment of the invoice will be included on the invoice itself. If you have any questions regarding the new fee assessments, please contact the FJLEPC Tier II Program Manager at 703-246-4386.

SARA Online Reporting in Tier II Manager

Tier II Manager™ is an online reporting program used by LEPCs throughout the country. As part of the Fairfax Joint LEPC, Tier I, Tier II, Tier III and Bulk reporting is available through online reporting. SARA Title III reports that can be submitted online include:
» Section 302 Emergency Planning Notification
» Section 311 Initial report of hazardous chemicals (also referred to as the MSDS report)
» Section 312 Tier II annual report of hazardous chemicals

Accessing Tier II Manager™

To access the online reporting program, you click the Tier II Manager™ button below or just point your browser to


  • You need to use Internet Explorer 10 (non-compatibility mode) or higher, Firefox 20 or higher, or Chrome 26 or higher. Using older versions may create problems.
  • You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use this System. Download the Adobe Reader.
  • You need to enable javascript and turn off the pop-up blocker in your browser.
  • If you encounter any problem, contact your technology desk to verify whether you have these requirements.

Logging into Tier II Manager™
When you click on the Tier II Manager™ button, you will see the following screen:

Once registered or logged in, there is a Tier II Manager™ User Manual video that is easy to follow.